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English-Russian dictionary of chemistre. 2014.

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  • bisymmetric — adjective Symmetric about both of its main diagonals. See Also: bisymmetrical, bisymmetry …   Wiktionary

  • Bisymmetric matrix — In mathematics, a bisymmetric matrix is a square matrix that is symmetric about both of its main diagonals. More precisely, an n × n matrix A is bisymmetric if and only if it satisfies A = AT and AJ = JA where J is the n × n exchange… …   Wikipedia

  • Dicentra — cucullaria (type species) Scientific classification Kingdom …   Wikipedia

  • Centrosymmetric matrix — In mathematics, especially in linear algebra and matrix theory, a centrosymmetric matrix is a matrix which is symmetric about its center. More precisely, an n × n matrix A = [ Ai,j ] is centrosymmetric when its entries satisfy Ai,j = An−i+1,n−j+1 …   Wikipedia

  • Toeplitz matrix — In the mathematical discipline of linear algebra, a Toeplitz matrix or diagonal constant matrix, named after Otto Toeplitz, is a matrix in which each descending diagonal from left to right is constant. For instance, the following matrix is a… …   Wikipedia

  • List of matrices — This page lists some important classes of matrices used in mathematics, science and engineering: Matrices in mathematics*(0,1) matrix a matrix with all elements either 0 or 1. Also called a binary matrix . *Adjugate matrix * Alternant matrix a… …   Wikipedia

  • Medial — This article is about medial in mathematics. For other uses, see medial (disambiguation). Contents 1 Medial magmas 2 Bruck Toyoda theorem 3 Generalizations 4 See also …   Wikipedia

  • List of mathematics articles (B) — NOTOC B B spline B* algebra B* search algorithm B,C,K,W system BA model Ba space Babuška Lax Milgram theorem Baby Monster group Baby step giant step Babylonian mathematics Babylonian numerals Bach tensor Bach s algorithm Bachmann–Howard ordinal… …   Wikipedia

  • Persymmetric matrix — In mathematics, persymmetric matrix may refer to: # a square matrix which is symmetric in the northeast to southwest diagonal; or # a square matrix such that the values on each line perpendicular to the main diagonal are the same for a given line …   Wikipedia

  • bisymmetry — noun The property of being bisymmetric …   Wiktionary

  • Список матриц — Структура матрицы Здесь собраны наиболее важные классы матриц, используемые в математике, науке (в целом) и прикладной науке (в частности). Под матрицей понимается прямоугольный массив чисел …   Википедия